Memmert is a small dune island (6 square km) in the Lower Saxony Waddensea National Park (Germany). It is located between the Old East Frisian Islands Borkum and Juist. The isolation from these islands is quite low (3km resp. 1km).

Dune succession reached the stage of young grey dunes with a maximum height of 8m ("Norddünen"). Other dune complexes are the "Haaksdünen" and the "Bill" north of the former. The eastern and southern part of Memmert are dominated by large salt marsh complexes. Haeseler (1988) gives a more detailed description.

The higher dunes are protected from storm tides in the winter. These dune areas and the protected dune valleys reveal the greatest species richness.

Memmert island was object of two research projects (from 1984 to 1986 and from 1994 to 1995) carried out by the AG Terrestrial Ecology of the University Oldenburg/Nds. The results of the first project can be found at Meyer & Haeseler (1988, eds.).

List of Staphylinidae of Memmert Island


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